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Being DENIMDESIGNER is the result of years of hard work, sleepless nights, a lot of determination and countless cups of coffee. My love of jeans and a passion for design allowed me to become DENIMDESIGNER in 2002 and I have been a professional designer ever since. It is an honor for me to create innovative, original and timeless garments. Take a look at my work.

About Marta Cellini

Since 1998, I have dedicated myself to the creation of fashionable items for companies around the casual world. I like to collaborate with local artists and suppliers to inspire those who don't have time to design a collection. What creative minds working together can achieve is incredible. My goal is to create garments that make everyone who wears them feel unique.

Some examples

Advice for: Mood, Unique Damage, Washing, Whole Collections


Technical design

The whole collection, can be drawn on front and back plat. For clarity of design. For the trousers there is no lack of all its details: passing pockets, stitching buttons, cuts, rivets and attached technical specifications.

Denim bag

Accessories are also part of my world. This is the Indigo-Sweet Bag. Created entirely in paired and thermoformed denim fabric, it creates this unique 3D herringbone design.


Each denim garment can be made unique by the wash. The search to associate the right colors with the chosen theme is my work! I work with chemical and natural laundromats to develop this.

tasca base.jpg
prova schizzo running denim curva 4_edited.jpg

Back pocket

A brand, it is almost always identified by the shape and embroidery of its denim pocket. In this I declare myself a maximum expert. Each shape can be customized and made unique!


A shoe can also be made of denim. In this sector I consider myself only a designer and not a designer.


Technique of design and manual design, of the entire collection or capsules, on figurine. According to the type of Target.

Unmissable projects

DENIMDESIGNER accepts orders on demand for creations of collections or unique garment.  If you've hit something you've got face, you can recreate it in minute detail, having the same materials, but with your own customization. Contact me to request a project.

Fashion Designer Studio

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"Sto ancora imparando"


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