Fashion Denim Designer consultant for Industry and Private. I work with companies and fashion office, for men, women, clothing and accessories.

My specialization is:

-Researching trends, developing new styles and fit. Creating and coordinating the collection. Searching for brand identity and image development.

-Fashion Illustration for product image, tecnichal draw for industrialization.

The creation or visualization of an idea, made with a hand drawing, or with the help of a graphical program, is very important. Because I can see matched colors, fabrics, fit, before I make the Garments. In addition to this, i’ll know if the collection respects fashion trends.
– Analysis of materials, such as fabrics and accessories at fairs, and through representatives of interest.
– Finding Trends with Color Folders Attached, Consultation of Historical Archives.
– Investigating cuts, details and innovative forms of market trends.
– Creating Trend Charts (Moods), according to target and client needs.
– Planning and developing of fashion collection.
– Working closely with the brand director to develop products to meet a brief.
– Understanding design from a technical perspective, i.e. producing patterns and technical specifications for designs.


I will provide its expertise in the activities listed briefly below:

  • project /s the high/medium/low /fashion denim with suggestions for new fit, in line with seasonal trends in the denim market.

  • Study of the new brand. Designs in the collection. The image will be related to all the details and elements that identify the product (pockets, belt loops, stitching, etc.).

  • Moods.

  •  Verification: remove the defect in clothing, following the stylistic directions.

  • Research proposal and support the choice of fabrics, denim and not; suitable for the project samples.

  • Research proposal washes; at the italian laundry and possible reporting
    more laundries / dry cleaners if the services rendered are not satisfactory;

  • Verification of treatment and support for the definition and selection;

  • Branding: Research accessories, processing and logo embroidery, identifying elements and packaging with graphic proposal executive of all the elements necessary to renew the branding project denim, fashion and 5 pockets of the Collection, and reporting of suppliers and support technician in the production of prototypes.

Qualifications and Skills

  • creativity and innovation

  • an eye for colour and a feel for fabrics and materials

  • the ability to generate ideas and  concepts

  • design and visualisation skills, by hand or computer (Photoshop-Illustrator)

  • technical skills, including pattern cutting

  • garment technology skills

  • a proactive approach

  • team working skills

  • good organisation and time management

Project designer

  • creating an idea and producing a design by hand or computer

  • keeping up to date with emerging fashion trends as well as general trends  relating to fabrics, colours and shapes

  • Analysis of materials, such as fabrics and accessories at fairs, and through  representatives of interest.

  • Finding Trends with Color Folders Attached, Consultation of Historical Archivs.

  • Investigating cuts, details and innovative forms of market trends.

  • Creating Trend Charts (Moods), according to target and client needs.

  • planning and developing of fashion collection

  • working closely with the brand director to develop products to meet a brief

  • understanding design from a technical perspective, i.e. producing patterns and technical specifications for designs

  • sourcing, selecting and buying fabrics, trims, fastenings and embellishments

  • adapting existing designs for production

Project manager

  • Manage relationships from Italy and directly  with far east suppliers in order to research
    quality standards, negotiate delivery plans and pricing

  • Face technical and organizational problems related to finished garment production

  • Ensure the progress of production in compliance with quality standards

  • Manage information flow between technical and design offices from the company to the suppliers

  • Supervision of quality control agents directly in the production factories

  • Sourcing of new suppliers (fabrics, trims, garment manufacturing)

  • Research and development.

  • Technical documentation management of proto, sampling and production (technical sheets, bills of materials)

  • Product industrialization (product development meetings, close cooperation with design, pattern, product and production departments. Quality check of moke ups, prototypes, sampling, size-sets, finished production garments)

  • Research and development

  • Formulation of industrial technical standard for national and international suppliers

  • Monitoring of the production life cycle (cutting, sewing, washing, ironing, shipping)

  • Manage relationships with suppliers Italy / abroad (yarns, fabrics, accessories, washing)


  • Personalization of pocket embroidery

  •  Print inside pocket

  •  Decoration lining pocket

  •  Outdoor embroidery on the subject

  •  Personalized rivet study, techniques and materials

  •  Study of the loop, with seams or cut

  •  Study for interior lining, application, fabric, print, cut, color matching

  • Historical study of internal and external labels

  • Tops and reinforcements

  • Examination of innovative details and representative for each specific pack leader.

  • Search of  identification logos.


  • Searching for Vintage or innovative wash

Broken, bleaching, laser, stone wash, rust, finishing and mending … all finishes are used to create!

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